What is Chronobiology

Zeit für die eigene Zeit
Take time for your time

Chronobiology is the study of the effect of time, especially rythms, on living systems. Simply said, we are talking about the science of the inner clock. ChronoCollege® actively develops and contributes to the conversation about this phenomena in our society. It is a highly relevant topic, as the wake-sleep-cycle and it’s connected 24 phases influence every single life situation. Chronobiology is the key to design the workforce “human” substantially more efficient and at the same time give the social being behind it a healthier platform to grow.

The core topics in this conversation are:

  • Sleep
    • Duration
    • Time of the day
    • Quality
    • The devastating effects of sleep deprivation to your work rate and health.
  • Performance states
    • How your chrono-type effects your performance states
    • The correlation of age and performance states
    • Genetic predisposition of chrono-types
    • Debility, health conditions and loss of performance – the consequences of working out of sync with your inner clock
  • Light
    • The changes natural light and artificial light provoke in our system

This science provides us with statistics and studies how our inner clock ticks. It delivers us an imperturbable foundation to be publicly acknowledged and lead the path to a revolutionary way of looking at the way we work. It changes our thinking from: “how can I incentivise to achieve a better result?” – “how can I introduce processes that accelerate the work rate?” to “let’s create an environment where every single person can naturally work on his/her optimum level by applying simple changes to their work schedule.” The question that is outdated since we passed the industrial age is “how long do I need to get a task done?”. The question we ask is “how can I choose the right time to get this task done, with the highest possible quality, the biggest enjoyment factor and with the least amount of time?”

Chronobiology gives us the answer to this question and ChronoCollege® offers Lectures, Seminars, coorporate Consulting and mentorship to synchronise your work with YOU.

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